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The producers of the TEFFLUX ™ Membrane Candle with MARKEL ECLIPSE pPTFE membranesri



To limit the amount of installation time of on site complete and fully automated filter systems and brine softeners, AFS and Profilco developed compact modular systems. These compact  systems are shop assembled, mechanically and electronically tested before labeling and packing in containers for shipment to any global location.

ProFilco provides a large number of liquid / solid separation systems covering most applications for almost all industries. ProFilco also offers a line of oil water separators for the petroleum industry. Europe

For brine purification in the Chlor Alkali Industry, we are producing conventional precoat filters as well as Single Pass ePTFE membrane filters.


Compared to the traditional production  of   Chlorine  with   Mercury






cells and Diaphragm cells, Membrane cells for Chlor-Alkali electrolysis require a much higher level of brine purity. The presence of Ca2+, Mg2+, Sr2+, and other impurities can shorten the lifetime of the membranes.


Contaminants are introduced into the raw brine by salt, dilution water and sometimes chemicals used in the purification process. These contaminants have to be removed from the raw brine, some down to ppb levels. Contaminated brine causes a higher energy consumption and a more frequent replacement of the membranes.   Europe

ProFilco can supply not only very effective and economical systems for the removal of the suspended impurities, we as well offer brine softeners. With both systems installed by one supplier, you acquire single source responsibility preventing any potential incompatibility.  Europe

Single Pass brine Filtration with ePTFE membrane back pulse filters offer many advantages over conventional filter systems.

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 Modular  Brine Purification Systems.


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pPTFE TEFFLUX ™ Multiple Tube Membrane Candle
Cooperation MARKEL.  Eclipse pPTFE Membranes

Pilot Filter

ProFilco B.V. is een internationaal opererende onderneming, actief op het gebied van filtratie- en separatie-technologie. Voor opdrachten voor deze  filtratie systemen wordt bij ProFilco in Hoogeveen de engineering, het project management/procurement en de (gedeeltelijke) montage gedaan. Vanwege de verwachte groei  van de activiteiten van ProFilco zijn wij  op zoek naar een:


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